About Chris Duncan and Catherine Strutt

Chris Duncan and Catherine Strutt are Australia's foremost Scottish music and dance duo. What makes this fiddle and piano duo unique is that they were both dancers before they were musicians. 

Since 1990 this multi award winning duo have played for Scottish Country Dances, balls, schools, festivals, workshops and ceilidhs across Australia and internationally including USA, New Zealand and Japan and are in constant demand as Scottish Country Dance and ceilidh dance musicians throughout Australia. 

Chris and Catherine both had an identical, early immersion in Scottish Country Dance music. Both musicians accompanied their parents to dance classes as young children and started dancing at age 8 with the same dance teacher. Both started playing their respective instruments at age 11 and started playing Scottish music in dance bands in their mid teens, Chris with SCD band Harp & Claymore and Catherine with Coalbrook Ceilidh, her family’s dance band. Although now folded, both bands were well respected and widely known across Australia as pivotal dance bands, each active for over 25 years. 

With such an early introduction to Scottish Country Dancing it is not surprising that Chris and Catherine have a deep and intuitive understanding of the rhythm, tempo and drive of the music, which are essential, integral elements for the total enjoyment and pleasure of dancer and musician and key to the success of the dance. 

For bookings and to contact Chris and Catherine go to chrisandcatherine.com.au.

Chris Duncan

Chris is considered to be an authority on Scottish fiddle music in Australia and a pioneer of the development of music for Scottish Country Dancing and Scottish fiddling in Australia. At some time in their musical lives, Chris has inspired, influenced or taught every Scottish fiddler in the country.  He is a master of his art and a definitive expert of the strathspey. He holds a widely accepted and well deserved reputation as the King of swing jigs and is one of the most outstanding Scottish fiddlers in the world today. Chris has been playing for Scottish Country Dancing for over 35 years. 


Catherine Strutt

Catherine is considered to be one of the finest piano players in current Scottish Country Dance music. She is well respected as an innovative and sensitive natural musician and her intuitive sense of rhythm and colour are incomparable. Through her individual style she brings to Scottish dance a refreshing visor, groove and enthusiasm, which is both exciting and uplifting for dancer and musician alike. Catherine has been playing for Scottish Country Dancing for over 25 years. 

About Scots on The Rocks®

Since 2002 Scots on The Rocks has been bringing a fresh approach to Scottish Country Dancing. Based in the historic Rocks area of downtown Sydney, Scots on The Rocks is a young, vibrant and diverse group who, with their Chaotic Ceilidh® format, have brought Scottish Country Dancing to a new, urban audience. 

The club is proud to enjoy some of Sydney’s best teachers, exceptional dancers and without doubt the finest musicians around.

Chris Duncan and Catherine Strutt have played at Scots on The Rocks socials, demonstrations and ceilidhs throughout the club’s history, shaping both the sound and exuberant atmosphere of their events. 

On behalf of all the members of Scots on The Rocks we are pleased to support this recording of our favourite tunes and dances, and are proud to play a small role in sharing the music of Chris Duncan and Catherine Strutt with dancers everywhere.

Without the music there is no dance.  

For more information about Scots on The Rocks' classes and events head to www.sotr.org.au

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